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The CLASSS annual general meeting will be held at 6pm at Technorth on Thursday 27th June 2013. All parents must attend, as stated in the Parent Agreement which all parents sign when children are registered at CLASSS.

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There will not be a class on 28th March, 4th April or 11th April.
Next class after Easter is on Thursday 18th April from 5.45pm - 7.30pm at Technorth, Harrogate Road.

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CLASSS are pleased to announce receipt of an award from the Big Lottery Fund to help expand provision of services offered to secondary school pupils. The project entitled 'Changing Lives' aims to improve the English teaching offered to older students at class, including funding for a trip to the theatre.

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A meeting of volunteers will be held at Technorth on Thursday 30th August at 6pm, to give an introduction of our work to prospective volunteers and information about the plan of work for the next academic year to new and current volunteers.
A brief recap of CLASSS's child protection policy will take place, along with information on some of the planned changes to the organisation at the...

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If you wish to register at CLASSS for the academic year 2012-2013 you must attend the registration evening on Thursday 6th September at 5.45pm. Registrations will not be accepted after this date until the start of the following half term. Registration forms must be completed in full, and payment of fees must be paid in advance. Classes will start again normally the following week, on Thursday...